I’ve been releasing this list for the third year in a row, but this is the first time I’ll add some comments as to why the songs were selected the way they are. I don’t expect a lot of people to appreciate the comments (nor the list itself, since I mostly make them to have nostalgia trips later in my life), but I wanted to test my writing skills in an area that’s unfamiliar to me.

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r3bl.me: Top 17 od 2017 (+3 Noteworthy Mentions)
Reims RL Grime
I Hear You Calling (Zonderling Remix) DJ Licious
Lights (Nitti Gritty Remix) San Holo
Pieces Sikdope
Frontlines (Habstrakt Remix) Zeds Dead, NGHTMRE, GG Magree
$4,000,000 Steve Aoki, Bad Royale, Ma$e, Big Gigantic
Cutting Shapes Don Diablo
Lone (SLUMBERJACK Remix) What So Not, GANZ, JOY.
Funky Uncle Fox Stevenson
The Scoop Format:B
Afterlife Hex Cougar, Jarell Perry
Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It) (Rootkit Remix) Oliver Heldens
Stay For It (Oriental Cravings x TWERL Flip) RL Grime, Miguel
Ruff Like This Watermät, Pep & Rash
4 Life (Habstrakt Remix) DJ Snake, GASHI
Adieu Tchami
Enough (feat. Pusha T) Flume
Kerala Bonobo
Rodeo (feat. Wikluh Sky) Koolade & Kendi

1. RL Grime - Reims [WeDidIt]

I can’t help it, this song gives me goosebumps like no song did since Porter Robinson’s Unison (2011) (which is one of my all-time favorite songs). Released as his first out of three singles in 2017 (with the second two being Stay For It and Era), it is definitely the one that got stuck in my head the most. I am very sad that his second album (titled NOVA) that he’s been teasing for the entire year failed to be released in 2017 (latest released date info is “early 2018”) and his Gessafelstein-inspired ID has been the most anticipated track of this year.

I don’t know what it feels like to experience the rush of some harder drug, but I imagine it to be something along the lines of how I feel whenever I hear the drop of this song.

2. DJ Licious - I Hear You Calling (Zonderling Remix) [541]

The highest placed house song this year goes to Zonderling, an artist I’ve never payed much attention to until this year. While he released a lot of good songs and remixes this year (at least five of which were more popular than this one), there’s just something about this one that made it stuck in my head for months. While the original song is not that special, Zonderling managed to take it to a whole new level. The way he manipulated the vocals in this song and incorporated it with a nice, simple drum beat and mind-blowing synth is what made it this high in this list.

3. San Holo - Lights (Nitti Gritty Remix) [Self-published]

I have, admittedly, never heard of Nitti Gritty before I heard this remix of San Holo’s Light. I did not expect to include songs which were not cleared of copyright in these lists, but he sampled Rihanna’s part in All of the Lights just perfectly and delivered a mind boggling drop. This is, without a doubt, the song that I have listened to the most in 2017.

4. Sikdope - Pieces [Self-published]

Sikdrope is one of the two producers that I can brag about following ever since they’ve released their first couple of songs on Soundcloud (with Ookay being the second one). While I could have antipated him being on one of these lists, I have never expected to see him this high. Yet, here he is, with “a very melodic dubstep track that coddled me and took me to new places” (to quote Grant Austin’s short review).

5. Zeds Dead, NGHTMRE, GG Magree - Frontlines (Habstrakt Remix) [Deadbeats]

Habstrakt absolutely killed it last year. I am a fan of his work for a couple of years now. He had so many good remixes this year, and this is the one that I’ve listened to the most.

NGHTMRE is also on the rise for my taste this year. I loved a lot of his songs released this year, but, even though I really liked the original of this song as well, I had to give priority to the Habstrakt’s version of it.

6. Steve Aoki, Bad Royale, Ma$e, Big Gigantic - $4,000,000 [Ultra]

Before 2017, there’s no way in hell Steve Aoki’s song would ever make it on this list. I was never a huge fan of the house music that he made. In 2017, he decided to completely switch genres and release the entire album (Kolony) filled with more underground styles of electronic music. Combine that with the fact that I’m a huge fan of saxophone in electronic songs and there you have it. That’s why this song is here. This also makes it the highest rated song on this list that actually has a (pretty lame) music video!

7. Don Diablo - Cutting Shapes [HEXAGON]

Every year there’s one a house song that makes me wanna dance every time I hear it. In 2015, that song was Croatia Squad’s Touch Me, in 2016, it was Jauz and Netsky’s Higher, and this year, with no contest, the title goes to Don Diablo.

This also makes it the only song in this list that has been released in (late) 2016. It samples the lyrics from a decade old Aaron Smith’s Dancing and delivers a song that will be listened for a long time in the future. Last year, a track released by HEXAGON made it to the list as a “worth mentioning” track, and this year, this song makes it in the upper half of this list. Looking forward to what HEXAGON has in store for the next year!

8. What So Not, GANZ, JOY. - Lone (SLUMBERJACK Remix) [Sweat It Out!]

What So Not made it very high in the last years list with his Innerbloom remix, but this time, it’s a remix of his song that made it to the list. For a couple of years now, SLUMBERJACK has released a song or a remix that I listened to on a regular basis. This one is by far my favorite work of his so far. Dark vocals, dark drop, packed with energy. In one word: Perfection.

9. Fox Stevenson - Funky Uncle [Kinphonic]

Wackiest tune of the year goes to Fox Stevenson! I don’t think there’s been a single time I’ve heard the drop of this song that I didn’t notice myself unknowingly nodding my head in the rhythm.

10. Wuki - DADADADA [Self-published]

After over a year of this song being played live by DJs such as Diplo, Wuki finally decided to release this song back in May. Sampling on Busta Rhymes’ part in Look At Me Now (2011), it is a song that delivers an incredible amount of energy every time a DJ plays it in one of his sets.

11. Format:B - The Scoop [Toolroom Records]

The only tech house track to make it to these lists (so far) goes to Format:B! The melody of this song is stuck in my head ever since I’ve heard it for the very first time.

12. Hex Cougar, Jarell Perry - Afterlife [Self-published]

It is one of those songs that will fuck you up even further if you’re stranded against the wall, with no imaginable way of going on. While I did not have such situations in 2017, this song still made it on this list thanks to the wonderful work of Hex Cougar.

13. Oliver Heldens - Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It) (Rootkit Remix) [Heldeep Records]

Including this song in this list makes Oliver Heldens the only artist to appear in all three “top songs of the year” lists I’ve made so far.

14. RL Grime, Miguel - Stay For It (Oriental Cravings x TWERL Flip) [Self-published]

RL Grime with a second song on this list! Even though the vocals of this song are probably my favorite vocals of 2017, the original just doesn’t have the kind of energy that makes me want to listen to the song over and over. Luckily, Oriental Crawings and TWERL fixed that with a mind boggling drop.

15. Watermät X Pep & Rash - Ruff Like This [Spinnin’ Deep]

The number of deep house songs that get stuck in my head for months is minimal, however this one definitely did. Packed with energy, in my head this song is very similar to Fox Stevenson’s Funky Uncle, just in a completely different genre of house music.

16. DJ Snake, GASHI - 4 Life (Habstrakt Remix) [Polydor Associated Labels]

Habstrakt makes it to this list again, and this time with a remix of a DJ Snake song! While the original is pretty meh, Habstrakt managed to make it into an unforgettable bass house remix. I’m surprised that this is the first time I’ve included a DJ Snake song in one of these lists.

17. Tchami - Adieu [Confession]

This song just barely managed to make it to this list. If I made these lists in 2013 and 2014, there’s no doubt his remix of Janet Jackson’s Go Deep (2013) and his track Untrue (2014) would make it to those lists. In 2015, he made it to the list with his single After Life featuring Stacy Barthe. His streak has been broken in 2016, a year in which he released only one song (Prophecy, as his collaboration with Malaa). This year, he’s back. He released an EP and four other singles, and the single he released right in the beginning of this year made it at the bottom of this years list.

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