5 Things You Should NOT Do After Installing elementary OS Freya Beta

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r3bl.me 5 Things You Should NOT Do After Installing elementary OS Freya Beta


elementary OS 0.3 Freya Beta 2 is out. However, there are things you should not do in the current version of elementary OS. You do not want to make the developers angry, do you?

1. Don’t type elementary OS with the capital ‘e’ or refer to it as eOS

elementary OS really cares about their brand. This is why you should always spell the name elementary with the lowercase letter ‘e’ (elementary instead of Elementary).

Also, don’t refer to elementary OS as eOS because developers think that this term is very close to infringing on “iOS”. It reminds people on “eMachines” and they don’t want to see people making “eApps”.

2. Don’t store important data in the beta version of elementary OS

Be sure not to rely on elementary OS Freya Beta 2 while you’re doing something important. Keep in mind that this software is currently in the Beta version, so if you don’t know your way around the system, don’t use it. Use the stable version (0.2 Luna) instead.

3. Don’t report bugs in our Google+ community

elementary OS has a pretty big and pretty active Google+ community (and you thought nobody is using Google+). You should not post any bugs you encounter on in this Google+ community. Post them on Launchpad instead. If you have any issues with the new version of the website behind the elementary OS (beta.elementary.io), post them on GitHub.

4. Don’t try to upgrade your kernel

There is a pretty good reason why the current version supports the kernel it supports. If you upgrade your kernel to the more recent version, you will probably experience some bugs that would not happen otherwise. Reporting those issues is pointless and makes the development even more difficult than it currently is.

5. Don’t ask questions like ‘why is Midori the default web browser’ and ‘why is there no office suite out of the box’

elementary OS developers want to keep the design of their operating system consistent. Even though Midori is not great, there is just no better web browser that supports headerbars out of the box. This is why there is no way for Firefox (or Chrome) to be included in the elementary OS instead of Midori.

The same thing applies to LibreOffice. It does not support headerbars, it does not look good out of the box with elementary OS, therefore, it is not available with the installation of elementary OS.

This is also true for applications like VLC player, Clementine, etc.

So, why doesn’t elementary OS just fork these projects and change their design to fit elementary OS?

The main reason behind this decision is because elementary OS currently has a pretty small developer community. More developers = more features. If you want to help out elementary OS when you don’t have any coding skills, keep in mind that more donations = more developers = more features.

Follow the rules if you want to use the Freya beta version

elementary OS Freya Beta 2 is excellent and it is going to be a pretty amazing project once it becomes stable. If you want your system to be stable, you should use the 0.2 Luna version or look for an alternative operating system until Freya becomes stable.

If you use the beta version, follow these rules or you’re on your own.


Don’t post “Things you should do after installing elementary OS Freya” posts on your blog yet. Freya is currently not stable and it probably won’t be for at least two more months. Keep that in mind before posting an article of this kind.

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