Starting an Ethical Hacking Course

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So, I found out about a personal blog about network security and while reading it I found out about a course offered by Udemy learning platform called: Learn the Basics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing. I used Google to find out if there is some code to finish that course for free and, of course, I managed to find it (thank you Reddit!). So, from now on I will probably write on my blog some information about how well am I doing in that course.

Also, I’m planning on writing a really long essay about the true type of hackers, who they are and what they do. My point of writing that essay is to try to convince people in my local area to think differently about a word hacker next time they read it on some news reporting sites. The essay will be written in my native language (Bosnian) for one reason only and that is because I know that I’m not excellent with grammar in English language and I don’t want my essay to be full of grammatical errors.

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