R3BL - Promo Mix (March 2015)

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r3bl.me R3BL - Promo Mix (March 2015)

I’ve decided to start publishing my musical works on my blog. My goal is to, eventually, unite all of my profiles and to present to readers my true self.

I’m presenting you my promo mix for March 2015.

R3BL - Promo Mix (March 2015) [Twerk/Hip-Hop/Trap] by R3bl on Mixcloud

Back Story:

I’ve started DJ-ing at age 14, with nothing more than a computer keyboard. I had a cracked version of Traktor Pro 2. I created my own mappings (the process of creating keyboard shortcuts in a DJ-ing software) and my mapping got featured on DJTechTools, which is probably the biggest blog dedicated to DJ-ing beginners. Two years later, I got my first DJ-ing controller called Akai APC20. Even though this controller is designed to work with Ableton Live I woke up the hacker inside of me and managed to create my own mapping that works with Traktor Pro 2. Soon after that, I was playing with LEDs like a pro (warning: the video is in very low quality, filmed with Sony Ericsson K800i).

I have published music under two aliases: Eric Zone and R3BL.

I’ve used the first alias when I played house music exclusively, but decided to change my alias when I started experimenting with different genres.

I had over 30 performances in every single club that played electronic music in my home town: Europe club & lounge, Underground Club Metro, Angels & Devils, La Caffeteria, Fenjerce etc.

I have also played in two amazing Tuning & Styling Shows organized two years in a row by AK49. Unfortunately, AK49 fell apart, so they won’t be making amazing shows like this anymore.

Tuning & Styling Show No.2 - Ak49 Brčko from Lazar Mitrovic on Vimeo.

I’ve played a variety of different genres throughout these years: House, Electro, Trap, Hip-Hop, Twerk, Moombahton, Dubstep, Drum & Bass etc,

Today, I’m raked as number 21 DJ in Bosnia & Herzegovina. I have no desire in pursuing a career as a DJ, but I love music and DJ-ing is (and always will be) my number one hobby.

My next show is scheduled to be on March 20th in Europe club & lounge (which is the best club we’ve ever had).

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