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As of June 1st, I became a Community Moderator for the Red Hat supported brand called As such, I made a one year long commitment to provide content for the site on a regular basis.

What is

image is a news website that features stories about the ways open source principles—what the site’s community calls “the open source way”—are affecting the world outside the domain of software development.

The site is supported by Red Hat and as such it remains ad-free since its inception back in 2010.

My first contact with the team

I’ve been reading articles published by ever since I started my open source journey. I learned many things about open source from their articles and their resources page helped me to shape my knowledge in open source software in what it is today.

I always wanted to contribute to their site, but my writing skills were nowhere near good enough to be featured on such a high-profile website. It was one of the main reasons why I started my blog in the first place.

While I was writing posts to my blog, my writing skills had improved. A few months later, during my transition to this new domain, I had written an article called Reasons Why GitHub is My Favorite Technology-Related Company. I finally felt like I had written something meaningful enough to be featured on a larger website. Of course, was the first website I had in mind.

I contacted the team, presented them my article and I was lucky because, during that time, they had planned to start a series of articles called Beginners to Open Source. A slightly edited version of my article fitted right in this series, so on February 16th, my article was published by the title A beginner’s guide to GitHub.

This article got huge support right from the start, with over 16,000 views in the first two days since it was released. It quickly became their #1 pick of the week and the article was on a good way to become the article of the month. In their report for the month of February 2015, it was revealed that this article managed to get 19,302 views, topping other 73 articles published in that month. It placed 2nd by the number of overall views from that month. It has 54,839 views while I’m writing this post.

I had a number of emails from the team congratulating me on the support the article was getting and I instantly knew that my collaboration with this site was just beginning. Pretty soon, I had satisfied the criteria needed to apply to the Community Moderator role, so I had decided to apply.

The beginning of my Community Moderator journey

After the Skype meeting with one of the community managers of the team, we have decided that I will officially start my volunteering on June 1st. By doing so, I made a one year long commitment to provide them with the regular content and to keep an eye to keep the comments section on their articles, making sure that they are appropriate for the site. In return, I got some awesome badges on my profile, I will receive some goodies and I got invited to be a part of the All Things Open conference later this year.

I even got an awesome new email alias: and I’m now included in the Meet the team section.

But, on top of all, I got a chance to be a part of the awesome community, to be a part of an awesome team and to expand my network to a couple more countries. This is the greatest thing I could get.

First impressions

With one article already published on this site, two more had already been submitted to our editorial team. I had conducted my first interview with the of the speakers in this year’s DevNation. The whole team seems pretty well organized and dedicated to keeping the site as awesome as it can get. I feel like I managed to fit right in.

I had read an excellent book by Jason Hibbest (one of the members of our team) called The foundation for an open source city and I’m currently reading a recently published book by Jim Whitehurts (CEO, Red Hat) called The Open Organization: Igniting Passion and Performance.

I feel really proud to be a part of such an awesome team and I’m looking forward to leaving my mark on the

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