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If you’re like me, the chances are you like learning new things. If you’re like me, than you love computer science. I have a big passion to learn as much as I can about computers. Because it’s kind of a huge subject and no human could ever learn everything about computers, I had to decide which subject I should focus on. The choice was not that hard for me and I’ve decided relatively easy that my subject of choice is cyber security. I care about privacy and man do I love breaking things!

So, what I want to represent today is a git. Inside that git, you’ll find a lot of computer science related academic papers uploaded my people like you and me. The point of doing this git is to create a high quality source for papers, and those 50 contributors are doing the hell of a job doing that. It’s the little projects like this that makes me happy. When people unite and do something awesome together. I’m even happier because this is the first use of git I found useful that is not related to any programming language.

So, if you do have some spare time, some research papers stored on your local drive and a wish to give back to the community, I will ask you to visit Papers We Love repository, fork it and upload the shit out of good quality papers to it! I know I will. Especially because I saw that the security section is pretty empty for now.

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