On Open Source Advocacy

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r3bl.me On Open Source Advocacy

What does it mean to be an open source advocate? Can I really make a difference? How do I do that? There are so many questions about the Open Source Advocacy and, surprisingly, so little answers available.

Why do I call myself an Open Source Advocate?

I’ve been calling myself an Open Source Advocate for a while now. Not because I consider myself as an influential person, but because I can’t find a more suitable title that covers what I do in my free time.

I’m not really an open source programmer. Although I know the syntax of five or six programming languages, I do not consider myself as an expert in neither of them (for now). That’s why my coding contributions are pretty limited so far.

I’m not a designer neither. I just don’t see myself as one. I like to use well-designed programs and web services, but I’m not familiar nor interested in the process of making a well designed program / web service.

Now what I’m good at is actually testing the software, reporting bugs, trying out new features and tools, translating projects to my native language, communicating with the people representing various open source projects and, most of all, actually talking about the open source software on my blog.

And that’s where I found myself. That’s the beauty of open source. There’s something to do for everyone.

If you want to contribute to an open source project, you can. No matter what’s your area of expertise. All you need is your willingness to do something. To make a change… After all, we’re all shaping the world with every single step we take.

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