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r3bl.me [NinjaSec Course] Gathering Information

I know that this post is going to be pretty basic, but it was not very detailed in my head so I wanted to write about it to remember it easier.

So, what tools and techniques can someone use to gather information about a certain person or company?

Well, your best friend is Google + Evernote combination. Basically, what you can do is to write down all of the data you think it will be usable in Evernote. Next, look up that company using social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. now, why is that important? Well, it is important because maybe their employees listed that company as their job on their social sites. From there, you can find out a lot about who is working there. Write it down in Evernote and proceed.

Next stop is finding out what their workers do the best. So you’ll use maybe a little social engineering to get to information their employees are posting on their social media. By looking at their resumes, their likes and their tweets, you can find out a lot about a certain person. After you do that, you just match them up to see where do their interests combine.

For an example, if a couple of their employees listed Java as their field of expertize on their LinkedIn profile, there’s a big chance that their site or applications they provide will include some parts of Java code. Your job is to find more that clues and to paint as precise picture of a company as possible.

Does not seem that hard, does it?

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