New Goal: To Learn Something New Every Single Day

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Well, this was actually not a part of my goals for 2015, but it is something that I thought of in the meantime.

I love learning and I love dedicating my free time to learn something new. Currently, I’m really enjoying learning about artificial intelligence, which is definitely one of the most promising technology-related topics there is. I’m intrigued and amazed by every single new line that I read about it and I’m probably going to keep up with the learning of artificial intelligence for quite some time.

So, today, it got me wondered, why not pledge to learn something new every single day?

And I really mean every. single. day. No breaks, no vacations, no nothing. I love learning and I have developed a habit of learning something new at least once a week. So, why don’t I kick it up a notch?

Starting from today (well, actually, I have been learning something new for a few days in a row now), I’ve decided to learn something new every single day out of the topics I’m interested in. I’ve devoted my last month into getting quite a lot of books that are interesting to me, so now, I’m going to start reading them a day after day. One page a day is better than none.

I want to build a healthy habit that could help me throughout my career and this is the way of accomplishing it I’m completely comfortable with.

So, starting from today, you can expect me to push at least one commit to my notes repository every day. That repository already has over 5,000 words written in it and the list is only going to get bigger and bigger as I’m going to research as much interesting topics as possible.

During the weekends, I’m going to review my notes from the previous week, simplifying them and shortening them if needed. After I start to organize my time in an efficient way, I’m going to start to write code every day, and, in a couple of months, I should know much more than I know currently in a wide variety of topics.

I should emphasize that my goal is not to become an expert in a specific topic. My goal is to have a reasonable amount of knowledge in every single topic I can think of. My goal is to stop asking myself how something works. My goal is to start learning how something works on a daily basis.

Who knows, if I work really hard, I might even be able to get a summer internship in some company that I deeply admire.

At the end of the post, I’m going to share my short-term goals with the public, to make sure that I make them a reality and to get an even higher inspiration:

  • Pass every subject from my first semester in the first half of February (two of them left, my finals are starting in five days).
  • Start the coding challenge that I’ve mentioned before by the end of February.
  • Pass every subject from my second semester by the end of the first half of April (again, only two of them left).
  • Have a decent amount of knowledge in artificial intelligence by the end of May.
  • Have a decent amount of proficiency in C / C++ / Vala by the end of June.

I’m going to update this post every time I accomplish a goal I stated here by adding a check mark (✓) next to it. And, of course, every time I learn something interesting worthy of posting, I will put an update my blog.

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