Get Office 365 License For Free! [A Little Contest]

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So, even though I’m a regular Linux user, I use Microsoft’s software whenever I need them. I’ve bought an Office 365 Home Plus license in July of this year. So, what did I get with it? I got five Home subscriptions, each one with a licensed Office suite, 1 TB of OneDrive space and some premium Skype minutes (I can’t remember how many exactly). The license expires in July, but I will renew it as soon as it expires.

After using this license for a couple of months now, I still have two licenses laying around without an owner and I’ve decided to share it with you guys for free! The only requirement for this contest is that you have Windows 7 or newer installed on your PC because the older versions are not supported with this version of Office suite.

Now considering that probably more than two people are interested in getting it, I’ve decided to create a little contest. All you have to do is to write some short story and send it to me. I don’t have any specific theme that I want you to write about, you can write about anything you want to, but I will prefer the topics that I’m interested in than those that I am not.

Those topics include anything related to open source, hacking, Linux, PC Master Race, NSA spying, artificial intelligence, social engineering or human psychology. You can write your story in any language I know: English, Bosnian, Serbian or Croatian.

I want to know something about you. I want to hear your story and learn something from your experience and I’m ready to give you $80 worth software just to hear your story.

You can send your stories to my email address (, just put [Office Contest] in the beginning of the email subject. I will select two stories that I like the most and share the license with them. I will probably publish the winning stories on my blog with the explanation on why I chose them. The contest ends on November the 5th. The winners will be announced on November the 6th.

Here’s a picture as a proof that I have two licenses available right now (excuse my poor GIMP knowledge):


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