Blog stats for the first half of 2015

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Back in January, while I was still using my domain, I posted my blog stats for the year 2014. In that post, I also stated my goals for 2015 and I set them pretty high. Now, I want to share the update so we can see how close I am of actually accomplishing them.


Because I decided to switch my blog to my new domain, I had some issues with redirecting traffic from my older domain to my new domain. Unfortunately, I still haven’t managed to fully redirect my traffic (mainly because Google indexed a couple of my posts very high), so I’m going to be showing my stats for both domains.

Basic stats

  • Number of views: 25,121 (11,555 on Wordpress + 13,566 on GitHub) - I set the goal to 30,000 by the end of the year. In the previous year I had only 4,389 views (since I started my blog in July).
  • Number of visitors: 16,268 (7,287 on Wordpress + 8,981 on GitHub) - I set the goal to 20,000 by the end of the year. I had 2,616 in the previous year.
  • Number of Twitter followers: 220. I had only 103 followers on Twitter by the end of the previous year and I set my goal to 1,000 followers by the end of the year. I’m going to change my goal a bit by the end of this post.
  • Number of posts: 31. I had 53 of them posted last year.

Taking all of this into consideration, I almost accomplished in reaching the traffic I wanted to reach in 2015 in just six months!

Top countries

  1. United States: 5,673 views (2,992 on Wordpress + 2,681 on GitHub)
  2. Serbia: 1,649 views (887 on Wordpress + 762 on GitHub)
  3. United Kingdom: 1,127 views (633 on Wordpress + 494 on GitHub)
  4. India: 991 view (741 on Wordpress + 250 on GitHub)
  5. Bosnia & Herzegovina: 923 views (306 on Wordpress + 617 on GitHub)
  6. Kanada: 819 views (419 on Wordpress + 400 on GitHub)
  7. Germany: 799 views (334 on Wordpress + 455 on GitHub)
  8. Spain: 624 views (112 on Wordpress + 512 on GitHub)
  9. Australia: 614 views (355 on Wordpress + 259 on GitHub)
  10. Netherlands: 390 views (164 on Wordpress + 226 on GitHub)

Six out of top countries are from Europe, two from North America, one from Asia and one from… well, Australia. It’s kind of funny that I have more visitors from the U.S. than from 6 most popular European countries combined. It’s also funny to me to see my country only at number five.

  1. Reasons Why Windows is Not Ready For Desktop (4,586 views)
  2. Home page (4,041 view)
  3. Basic Facebook Hacks - Who is your biggest “stalker”? (3,455 views)
  4. Basic Facebook Hacks – Profile picture locked? No problem! (3,329 views)
  5. 5 Things You Should NOT Do After Installing elementary OS Freya Beta (2,033 views)
  6. Material Design in Linux (903 views)
  7. Basic Facebook Hacks - Lets DDoS a website! (779 views)
  8. About (645 views)
  9. New Goal: To Learn Something New Every Single Day (524 views)
  10. Razlozi mog ateizma (458 views)

Wow, people really do love Facebook, do they? Unfortunately, I don’t think that I will post a lot of new articles in that series. I practically stopped using it myself.

  1. Google Chrome: 5,906 views
  2. Mozilla Firefox: 2,378 views
  3. Safari: 734 views

It’s kind of a shame to see Firefox so falling behind Chrome.

  1. Windows: 3,031 views
  2. Linux: 2,884 views
  3. Android: 2,213 views
  4. Macintosh: 980 views
  5. iOS: 884 views

Wow, even on a blog that’s primarily focused on promoting Linux, Windows is still ahead! Such a shame. Also, it’s funny to notice that all of the other operating systems each have less than 100 views. Those five I included in this list are pretty much everything my readers are using.

Also worth mentioning

I published five articles on other sites. Two of my articles got over 50k views each, which is significantly higher than any post I posted on this blog. I became a Community Moderator for and collaborator with the blog Kompjuteraš, so there will be plenty more to come. One post I published on Kompjuteraš would be on number 7 in the list of the most popular pages if it were posted on this domain. My portfolio website got 6,482 views.

I still haven’t found the way to exclude my own traffic from Google Analytics stats. Because of it, it’s worth reducing ~50 views (I’m just guessing) from Firefox / Linux / Bosnia & Herzegovina stats to make them more objective.

I found no effective way of limiting the Wordpress stats, so the stats I included are also counting views I got in the first 36 hours of July.

New (and improved) goals

OK, since I’m going to reach my previously stated goals probably in a month or two, it’s time for me to come up with new goals:

  • Number of views: 75,000
  • Number of visitors: 50,000
  • Number of published articles: 60
  • Number of Twitter followers: 500
  • Buying my own domain(s)
  • Redesign of the blog (modifying the currently used theme so it fits my needs perfectly, developing my own or choosing some other theme)

Yup, I’m reducing the number of Twitter followers, primarily because I don’t want to follow back everybody. I want to keep my Twitter feed as relevant as possible. Out of those 220 followers I have right now, I’m following back 122. Lots and lots of people started following me and then unfollowed me once they realized that I won’t follow them back. I hate it when that happens. Seriously guys, that’s the worst marketing strategy ever!

Random project that I like

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