Basic Facebook Hacks – Where were my friends while they were texting me?

  Follow Basic Facebook Hacks – Where were my friends while they were texting me?

Have you ever seen movies or read books about Harry Potter? If you did, then you might be familiar with the term Marauder’s Map. If you’re not a Harry Potter fan or the term doesn’t ring a bell, here’s a one minute video that will explain the basic concept to you:

So basically, in Harry Potter’s world, Marauder’s map is a map that allows you to see the exact location of every single person inside of Hogwarts at any given point of time. Handy, isn’t it? Well, thanks to the technology and Facebook’s amazing features, this map has now become a reality.

I present to you: The real Marauder’s map!

Marauder’s map is a Chrome extension that shows you the map with the exact location of your friends (we’ll talk about how this works in a minute).

Simply install it, navigate to, select a conversation with the friend whose location you want to see and their location will “magically” appear on the map.

It doesn’t even have to be an individual friend. This extension works with group conversations too! It even works with the people you don’t have in your list of friends.


What the hell? How does this work?

Every time you send a message using a Messenger app, with that message you’re also sending your exact GPS location to the receiver of the message by default. Finding out the ways to exploit this data is a fairly simple process, isn’t it?

I don’t want other people spying on me! How do I fight this thing?

Simply open the settings of your Messenger app and turn off the location sending (again, this is on by default).

Credits to the author

The author of this Chrome extension is Aran Khanna. He’s written a blog post explaining his concerns and motives behind this discovery. I highly suggest you to read it if you want to learn more about this. The extension is released under the MIT license (yay open source!) and it is hosted on GitHub.

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