Basic Facebook Hacks - Who is your biggest "stalker"?

  Follow Basic Facebook Hacks - Who is your biggest "stalker"?

In this post series I’m going to tell you about some useful Facebook “hacks” that will allow you to do something you’re not really supposed to do.

Want to see who checks your profile the most, reads your stories and stuff like that? Well, you don’t actually need to leave Facebook to do so. Facebook automatically adds some points to an account for stuff like that and you can check out who’s currently your biggest “stalker” by following this guide. I recommend you to use Firefox for this, it’s a lot easier to do follow this tutorial inside of Firefox than it is inside of Chrome.

  1. Open your Facebook homepage.
  2. Press Ctrl + U.
  3. Press Ctrl + F. Type InitialChatFriendsList in the search bar.
  4. After this string, you’ll see a random-looking string of numbers inside of double quotation marks ("") that ends with -2. Copy that number without the -2 at the end.
  5. Go to*PasteTheNumberHere*
  6. Voila!

If you’re using Chrome, Ctrl + F in the page inspector does not work as you’d expected it to work so my suggestion is to copy the entire page source to your favorite text editor and search from there.

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