Every One of Us Changes the World in One Way or Another

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r3bl.me Every One of Us Changes the World in One Way or Another

We are all raindrops. We might seem small and insignificant, but together we have the power of the world.

This is a quote by an unknown author from a book called What The Hell is Saint Louis Thinking? (2014). It’s an excellent book and I suggest you to read it. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?

I really think that this quote really covers it all. We all shape the world somehow. Maybe we did something important today, and maybe we didn’t. But even if we didn’t, we might have influenced the world in some indirect way, by bothering someone with our problems and taking their time that might have been spent doing something that might influence the world in a much larger way, or by giving some kind of a motivation to someone which will help him to do something significant.

I keep hearing that “I want to change the world” cliché and frankly, I’m sick of it. It’s not about changing the world, changing the world is something that you do while you’re thinking about changing the world. It’s about changing the world as much as you can. It’s about broadening your change to a much higher spectrum than the average person.

Every action that our ancestors took helped to the design the world we live in today. And we need to be quite careful because actions we do now will design the future for our future generations. And every action counts, be it a coffee with someone, writing this post, programming something, going to a conference, spending the night drinking, or anything in between.

I’m going to end this with one more quote. I can’t remember where I read it and searching for it on the Internet did not gave me any usable result.

A man has two deaths. The first time when he physically dies, and the second time when his name is mentioned for the last time.

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