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If you have read any of my previous posts, you probably know that I’m a huge workaholic. I like to learn something new every single day, I like to explore different things and I’m a huge fan of reading books and listening to music.

Now, seven days after my volunteering in the Netherlands has finished, I had enough time to look at my life from a different perspective, to find my weaknesses, my advantages, my knowledge gaps etc.

Before my trip, everything in my life was digital. My favorite songs were on my computer, I DJ-ed for a couple of years using nothing more than my AKAI controller bundled with my favorite DJ-ing software and a lot of digital songs. I’ve read a lot of books from my Kindle account without paying a dime (hint) and I had written every single post on this blog using my favorite text editor. Now, after the trip, the things have kind of changed.

During the trip, I had enough time and money to go to the American Book Center and buy some books, to walk around Amsterdam and to find a couple of stores specialized in selling vinyls and I got a neat notebook designed for students to help me in my future studies! Now, I feel like lots of things have changed.


I’ve started to feel a special bond with the books that I have purchased during my trip. I posses six new books, each of them in their original English editions and I’m starting to fill up my work desk with more than just gadgets.

Although I have possessed three of them already in their digital form (khm, khm, ilegally), I haven’t read neither of them, partially because I didn’t have enough time to do so and partially because I have a huge variety of books that I can get my hands on in a matter of seconds.

Because of that, I often abandon my reading of a certain book and start to read a new one. After that, I just abandon that book and move to some new book. Pretty soon, I have like 10 books that I had started reading but never finished them. Oh, and one more reason for this might be the fact that reading a book on a laptop is a pain in the ass, regardless of the fact that I find it easier than most of the people I know.

Now, the books are right here, on my work desk, filling up that limited amount of space and reminding me that I have to read them. Because of that, my desire for reading is bigger than ever and I am trying to find enough time to read them.

I am no longer obligated to keep an eye of the battery on my laptop while I’m reading a book. I don’t have to struggle with the sun because it is too strong to see my screen clearly. That’s why my bond to them is much stronger than to any book I have laying around on my hard drive. And this exellect article helped me to appreciate them even more!

I have purchased two of the classics: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges (I had already shared my admiration for Alan Turing’s work here). These two books will, without a doubt, always have a special place on my work desk and in my heart.

Of course, after reading these six books, it will be tough to find printed versions of new books to add to my collection, especially because I’m not really a fan reading books translated to my language, but I will have to find a convenient way to get my hands on them.


If somebody asks me to make a list of my favorite songs, I can guarantee you that none of the songs from Ray Charles or Tom Jones will make it to the list. Well, except this remix:

But that doesn’t stop me for being exceptionally proud of myself for being the new owner of their vinyls. Although I don’t have a vinyl player (or know anyone who has a functioning one), there’s this special bond that I feel right now to those timeless classics such as Hit The Road Jack, It’s Not Unusuall etc. I feel more connected to the history of music. Don’t ask me why because I’m not able to explain it. Maybe I should ask my new friend that I met during my volunteering that has a degree in psychology, huh?

Posting on my blog

Although I’m still writing my blog posts using Atom, that notebook I got really helps me to feel inspired about writing. I find it convenient to share my ideas for new posts in it and to write a short breakdown of what my posts should look like. I really do hope that I will take my writing to the next level because of it.


Now, as for the productivity, I had now returned to my previous habits, but now I realized that although I considered myself as a productive person, I have spent most the 24 hours doing absolutely nothing productive. During the trip, every day was carefully planned and I had managed to accomplish a lot in just one day. Now, I appreciate more each new day and I’m trying to push my limits of what I can accomplish in a single day.

The trip did, without any doubts, changed my perspective of the world. I will forever be grateful to the people that allowed me that opportunity and it is kind of hard to return to my regular life after this trip. But, I will do my best to make an intellectual progress every single day. Hopefully, in a year or two, I will get a chance to get back to that wonderful country and this time for a longer period of time.

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