Blog Stats for the Year 2014. (Happy 2015!)

  Follow Blog Stats for the Year 2014. (Happy 2015!)

This blog is active since July the 12th (so almost a half of a year).

  • Number of views: 4,389

  • Number of visitors: 2,616

  • Number of posts: 53

Got most of my views from:

  1. search engines (973) (898 from Google)

  2. Reddit (852)

  3. Twitter (282)

Top countries:

  • United States – 1,058 views

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – 824 views

  • Serbia – 698 views

Other countries with over 100 views: United Kingdom (135), Canada (134), Croatia (132), Germany (118), and India (111).

Top 10 pages (with the number of views in brackets):

  1. Home page/Archive (795)

  2. Top Motivational Quotes I’ve Discovered in 2014 (666)

  3. Ko koga špijunira u političkom vrhu BiH? (2. dio) (465)

  4. Some Basic Facebook “Hacks” - Hack no. 3: See Locked Profile Picture in Full Size (359)

  5. Get Office 365 licence for free! [A Little Contest] (299)

  6. Some Basic Facebook “Hacks” - Hack no. 1: Check who’s your biggest “stalker” without leaving Facebook (208)

  7. Through The Algorithm (2014) To a Free World (188)

  8. Ko koga špijunira u političkom vrhu BiH? (185)

  9. Papers We Love (152)

  10. Material Design in Linux (120)

Number of followers:

  • Wordpress followers: 10

  • Twitter followers: 103

Those stats are nothing special but I’m really proud of them. Now I’m starting to get over 50 visitors on a daily basis (in the last 15 days). After I got a pretty decent amount of initial attention, I’ve decided that this blog is a perfect way for me to express myself. That’s why I’m going to take Blogging 101, a free online course (starting January the 5th) offered by Wordpress to further my knowledge of running a blog. After all, I love learning new things, which is the main reason why I started this blog in the first place.

I’ve got a huge (and I really mean huge) number of drafts prepared for 2015 so expect a new post at least two times a week.

Goals for 2015:

  • Over 30,000 views (7 times more than in 2014)

  • Over 20,000 visitors (8 times more than in 2014)

  • Over 1,000 Twitter followers (10 times more than in 2014)

Loving the support I’m getting from you guys and those numbers definitely suggest to me that I should keep posting. Thanks to every single one of you guys and a happy 2015!

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