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So, in the last 48 hours I was again, looking for a new distro. Don’t know why, but I just felt I should be using something else.

And again, I was search for the perfect distro for my needs. As you know if you’re following my blog, I’m a big security researcher kind a guy. So, naturally, my first choice was Kali Linux. But, the problem is that I don’t like GNOME interface. Don’t know why, but it’s just not right for me. So, I tried compiling my own Kali Linux .iso file with KDE interface. Well, it’s easy to say that that didn’t work as planned. I did not manage to get it working. So I tried installing regular Kali Linux and replacing GNOME interface with KDE. That also didn not work as planned.

I felt kinda noobish. Even though I’ve tried a lot of distros and even though I did install Kali Linux before as my main operating system, I just could not get it to work perfectly with my Windows 8.1 and a TrueCrypt-encrypted shared partition. So I decided I should use some other KDE-based distro and fill it up with security software. I installed openSUSE but I just could not get their password manager. So I decided I should stick with Kubuntu because I wanted that apt-get so badly! It took me at least three or four clean installs to get it to work right. I kept changing my repo server that messed things up. Once I even stopped the upgrade command in progress and that messed things up for me.

But, finally, I managed to get it to work. And it feels great and robust just as I hoped it will. So, I’m back with Kubuntu, I really like the job the Kubuntu developers are doing and I’m also considering about joining the community and participating in Kubuntu development. But first, a couple of days of trying it out, just to make sure I don’t mess anything up. Again.

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