How awesome GitHub lists are making GitHub even more awesome!

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GitHub is growing out of the place where you just share your code to something bigger for a while now. Of course, GitHub is still an awesome place to share your code, but there’s more to it. Way more.

You don’t have to be a programmer to be a part of the open source project

I said it (and wrote it) a thousand times, and yet, I feel the urge to say it again. There’s more to it than actually writing code. Open source is a self-suficient economy. It’s a way for the people to collaborate, no matter what their expertise is, on a scale that was not possible ever before. And if you’re actually a part of the open source project, there’s no better place to share it than on GitHub.

Now some people might argue that the people used open source software as a way of collaboration for over 20 years, and that’s true. However, I firmly believe that this collaboration has never happened on such a massive scale as it is happening right now. I firmly believe that GitHub, although not the first service who enabled this kind of service, really managed to make a change. GitHub managed to make a service that is easy to use, easy to access and easy to learn. Suddenly, Git doesn’t really seem like a hard thing to learn. And because of that, open source kind of collaboration is now expanding to more than software.

GitHub as a place to collaborate on various projects

There’s lots of things that people want to collaborate on, not just the software. People can do that even easier than ever. Some people want to share their cooking recipes, some people want to write a book together, and some people want to share their recommendations on various subjects.

Presenting you: GitHub’s awesome lists!

There’s a special repository hosted on GitHub that I really became a fan of recently, and it’s called awesome. Basically, it’s a list of awesome lists hosted on GitHub. People want to share their recommendations on various subjects, and now they can. Sure, on that list, you’ll see plenty of lists that will help you to learn more about Computers and IT, but if you look closely, I’m pretty sure you’ll find something for yourself. Like, a list of SciFi novels and movies, or a list of Fantasy movies and novels, a list of discounts for students, a list of remote working resources, a list of conferences, radio resources, places to look for answers, geek podcasts, free images, and even a list of awesome README files.

And that’s the point of that awesome repository. To combine the list of awesome lists. Every single person can contribute to them, making them bigger and better.

So go ahead and pick one. Share your recommendation with others. Encourage others to do so too. Learn together and share together what you’ve learned.

My awesome lists

Now I’m going to share with you what I’ve done so far. I’m hosting an awesome-c list, a place to share the awesome resources for C programming language all across the Internet. Thanks to my work, I became a collaborator on the awesome-scifi list where you can share your recommendations on anything related to Science Fiction. And finally, I have created a list that will contain links to great blogs all across the Internet called awesome-blogs. Feel free to check them out, see our recommendations and share yours. Sure, open source software is great, but lets collaborate on more than just software! Let’s collaborate on everything you can possibly imagine!

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