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Today I found out about a great note-taking web-app called Laverna. It’s an open source program that you can just download on your PC and run through your browser*. It has a built-in AES encryption so you can store confidential data in it. All your data will be encrypted using you password. It also supports saving your database in the cloud (via Dropbox or via SecureStorage with more cloud services to be implemented soon).

I need to say that even though its list of features is pretty amazing, the web-app has a lot of bugs. If you encounter some of them, I highly suggest that you report them here.

This seems like a fun and simple project. I’m probably going to write about Evernote and OneNote open source alternatives in a new edition of LiBRE! Magazine so be sure to keep an eye on our site if you speak Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian language.

  • I noticed that the application does not support Internet Explorer 11.

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